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SLCC - Campus Life Connection

SLCC is closely connected to the high school and junior high ministries of the Downers Grove Campus Life Chapter. The partnership between SLCC and Campus Life began over 5 years ago as members of SLCC helped launch and grow the Downers Grove Campus Life ministry.  SLCC and Campus Life share many common passions including: practically sharing Christ through relationships, a desire to serve our community, and a heart for youth and culture.  This unique blend has enabled the leadership of Campus Life and SLCC to work together to help reach lost students for Christ as well as having a church home to place them in once they have reached that point.  Many SLCC members also serve as Campus Life’s core volunteer team which is the lifeblood of what they are doing with kids.  


It is our hope and passion, that together, we might effectively reach our entire community with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.  Thank you for your support and participation in what God is doing in the lives of those in our community!” Many of our community members volunteer in these ministries, and many of our student members participate in these ministries. For more information contact Mike Paul, Director of the Downers Grove Campus Life Chapter.  Here is a link to their web site:  Downers Grove Campus Life Chapter